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Aegir Photos

Getting Ready to Par-Tay!
My nine lovely daughters helped me prepare the mead for the big feast I hosted for the gods. We used Hymir's cauldron. Thanks Hymir! (Although I hear he didn't have much choice in the matter.) [Illustration from Eddan, De Nordiska gudan, trans. Erik Brate]

Loki Making Trouble
The party was awesome. At least until Loki killed my servant and began insulting all my guests. I won't be inviting him again. [C. Hansen, "Le fête d'Aegir." Oil on canvas. 1861]

Official Portrait
My parties are so legendary that people sometimes forget that I'm also lord of the ocean. But my official portrait is a good reminder of my other job. [Illustration in Foster, Mary H., Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology. Silver, Burdett, and Co., 1901. p. 89.]

Trouble at the Feast
Loki and Freyja were at each other's throats at my feast. I'll bet Loki regretted dissing Freyja though—she can really dish it out. [The Poetic Edda poem Lokasenna (1895) by Lorenz Frølich. Published in Gjellerup, Karl (1895). Den ældre Eddas Gudesange, p. 185]

My Lovely Wife and Me
Rán and I are very happy together. She's a fantastic hostess. [Friedrich Wilhelm Weiner, "Ögir und Ran," in Nordische-germanische Götter und Helden, ed. Wilhelm Wagner. Leipzig and Berlin: Otto Spamer, 1882. p. 251]

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