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Atlas Photos

Me and the Hesperides
I still feel bad that I helped Heracles steal the golden apples that my daughters guard. Sorry, girls. [Atlas and the Hesperides by John Singer Sargent, 1925]

Perseus Is Also a Jerk
Was it really necessary for him to turn me into stone? Why am I always being punished? [Atlas Turned to Stone by Edward Burne Jones, 1882]

Me and My Bro
Not only does Zeus force me to hold up the whole sky, he also chained up my brother Prometheus and has birds eat his liver everyday. Not cool. [Atlas and Prometheus, laconic bowl, c. 550 B.C.E.]

I Am a Rock, I Am a Mountain
Or at least that's what some people say. You can blame (or thank) Perseus and Medusa for this one. [Atlas Mountains, NASA Satellite Image]

Nice Robe
I'm old, I get it. Do you have to rub it in? [Detail from Deeds of Hercules by Henry Aldegrever, 1550]

Atlas Novus
This is an illustration of me from a Norwegian atlas from the late 1600s—I just get a kick out of it. [Atlas Novus by Johann Baptist Homann, late 1600s]

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