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Public Defender


The glory won't come immediately, but you can climb Glory Mountain over the years. A good public defender will make you a prime prospect to take over as District Attorney. That’s the job where you get to hunt down criminals with wire taps, stakeouts, secret informants, and all the other cool stuff that’s on TV.

After busting up some drug, gambling, and terrorist rings, you'll get elected to become a county judge. After success on the bench, you get elected to the state Supreme Court, and next thing you know the President of The United States wants to meet you for lunch. A date with the President?

That's right, pack your robes because you are headed to DC where you will sit on the Federal Supreme Court forever…or at least until you decide to call it quits.

That's a power, glory, fame sandwich…kind of like the turkey melts Sarah used to serve at the diner all those years ago.

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