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ELA 9: Introduction to Literature—Semester B

Drama, Non-Fiction, Bestsellers (Oh My!)

Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten, right?

Not quite. In fact, you didn't even learn it all in Semester A of ELA 9. There are miles to go before you sleep, and Shmoop will be your guide. In Semester B, you'll

  • dig deeper into the novel form.
  • get your feet wet with drama (ahem, Shakespeare).
  • hit those Common Core Standards with nonfiction galore.
  • complete both formal activities and creative projects about all things literature.

P.S. Introduction to Literature (ELA 9) is a two-semester course. You're looking at Semester B, but you can check out Semester A here.

Course Breakdown

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    Unit 2. Sometimes It's Okay to Steal a Book

    In this unit, The Book Thief will help us dig deeper into the novel form and everything that comes along with it.

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    Unit 3. Mo' Drama Mo' Problems

    Drama, drama, drama! This unit will introduce us to drama through Romeo and Juliet and The Crucible.

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    Unit 4. The Real World

    Essays, speeches, news—we might not think of it all as literature; but now that you've got the chops, this unit will allow you to put your analysis skills to the test on these non-fictional genres.

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    Unit 5. Top of What Charts?

    This unit will dive into the world of bestsellers—what makes them sell best?—through The Hunger Games and The Fault in Our Stars.


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  • Course Length: 13 weeks
  • Course Number: 110
  • Grade Levels: 9
  • Course Type: Basic
  • Category:
    • College Prep
    • English
    • Literature
  • Prerequisites:
    ELA 9: Introduction to Literature—Semester A

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