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Culhwch Photos

Sittin' Pretty
You bet I look good, all mounted up and ready to go into battle.  [Culhwch by Arthur Gaskin, 1900]

My Cuz
Here's the big man on campus: my cousin, King Arthur. [King Arthur by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1874]

Home, Sweet Home
Reppin' my home flag. [Black dragon of Wales flag, 1970s]

Gotta Love Gawain
<strong>Gawain is one of my BFFs. He bested the Green Knight and helped me win Olwen.</strong>
[Sir Gawain the Son of Lot, King of Orkney by Howard Pyle. From The Story of King Arthur and His Knights. New York: Scribner's, 1903.]

A O-Kay
Sir Kay has always been at my side, through thick and thin. He's pretty o-kay! [Sir Kay Breaketh His Sword at Ye Tournament by Howard Pyle, 1902]

The Quest Is Over!
Me and my bros sitting down to kick up our heels after I won Olwen. [Knights of the Round Table, 15th century]

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