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Fenrir Photos

Adding Insult to Injury
As if it isn't enough of a trauma to be bound for the rest of eternity, Middle Earthlings decided to draw a picture illustrating my tortures. [MS 738 4to, Árni Magnússon Institute, Iceland]

Wolf Bite
In the struggle to get free of the magical silk fetter, I bit off Týr's hand. But he shouldn't have stuck it in my mouth in the first place! [John Bauer, "Tyr and Fenrir," in Viktor Rydberg, Our Fathers' Godsaga. 1911]

Dear Ol' Dad
Before the gods kidnapped us, my dad, Loki, took good care of me, Hel, and Jormungand. [Carl Emil Doepler, "Loke, Fenriswolf, und Midgardschlange," in Wilhelm Wägner, Nordisch-germanische Götter und Helden. Leipzig and Berlin: Otto Spamer, 1882. p. 253.]

Family Portrait
It took some treats from my mom to get me to sit still long enough to pose for this family portrait! [Emil Doepler, "Loki's Brood," in Walhall, die Götterwelt der Germanen. Berlin: Martin Oldenbourg, 1905. p. 43.]

Fulfilling the Prophecy
A prophecy says that I'll kill Odin during Ragnarök. Serves him right, considering how he's abused me. [Emil Doepler, "Odin und Fenriswolf Freyr und Surtr," in Walhall, die Götterwelt der Germanen. Berlin: Martin Oldenbourg, 1905. p. 55.]

Feeding Time
For a long time, I was happy living with the gods. My best friend, Týr, always gave me fresh meat for dinner. Yum. [Louis Huard, "Tyr Feeding Fenrir," in A.E. Keary, The Heroes of Asgard: Tales from Scandinavian Mythology. London and New York: MacMillan and Co., 1891.]

The Betrayal
I never would have believed that my childhood friend and caretaker would betray me by helping the gods to fetter me. But he did. So not cool. [MS SÁM 66, 78v, Árni Magnússon Institute, Iceland]

My Cause of Death?
Prophecies say that Odin's son Vidar will kill me during Ragnarök, but I don't believe it. (Obvi.) [W.G. Collingwood, "Vidar (motive from the Gosforth Cross)," in Olive Bray, ed., trans., The Elder or Poetic Edda, 1908. p. 38.]

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