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Finn mac Cool

Finn mac Cool

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    Finn Sees Ghosts
    Here I am going old-school—really old-school—by seeing my ancestors. [Fingal Sees the Ghosts of His Ancestors in the Moonlight by Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard, 1778]

    Oisin Strums His Harp
    My baby boy gets jiggy with it by strumming up a storm. [Ossian on the Bank of the Lora, Invoking the Gods to the Strains of a Harp by François Gérard, 1801.]

    The ancient British Isles
    Check it out. I got the best of the isles.

    Finn's Cave
    Here's my cave in Scotland, where I like to chill out to get away from it all. [Staffa, Fingal's Cave by William Turner, 1832]

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