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Frey (Freyr)

Frey (Freyr)

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Frey (Freyr) Photos

    Frey and Gullinbursti
    Dang, we look gooood in this picture. [Artwork by Jacques Reich (1852 - 1923) showing the Norse god Freyr and his boar Gullinbursti.]

    Frey Riding Gullinbursti
    Those we the days. Just me, Gully, and my cape flapping in the wind. [Murray, Alexander. Manual of Mythology: Greek and Roman, Norse, and Old German, Hindoo and Egyptian Mythology. London, Asher and Co. This illustration is from plate XXXIX, 1874.]

    Frey and Skirnir
    Me and Skirnir, my trusty messenger, out enjoying the fresh air and spreading fertility. You know, just another day on the job. [Wägner, Wilhelm. Nordisch-germanische Götter und Helden. Otto Spamer, Leipzig & Berlin, 1882.]

    Frey on Odin's Throne
    Last spring I visited Odin’s palace and tried out his throne – just to see what it would feel like. AWESOME. [Speight, Ernest Edwin. Volume 4 of Romance readers: Children of Odin. H. Marshall & Son, 1903.]

    Lovesick Frey
    Here I am, lovesick and moony over Gerðr, the beautiful giantess. [The Elder or Poetic Edda; commonly known as Sæmund's Edda. Edited and translated with introduction and notes by Olive Bray. Illustrated by W.G. Collingwood, 1908.]

    Frey at Ragnarok
    It is a honor to fight next to my man Odin in the epic battle of Ragnarok. [Doepler, Emil. Walhall, die Götterwelt der Germanen. Martin Oldenbourg, Berlin, c. 1905.]

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