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Freyja Photos

    Portrait of Freyja
    This was a good hair day. [Painting by John Bauer, early 1900s.]

    Freyja in a Manuscript
    Some Middle Earthling drew this picture of me. I think it's kinda cute! [Illustration from a 17th-century Icelandic manuscript.]

    Freyja and Her Chariot
    Me, looking gorgeous with my cutiepie cats and my chariot. [Illustration by Johannes Gehrts, published 1901.]

    Freyja Seeking Her Husband
    Take Your Kids to Work day! Well, they aren't my kids, but I do love any excuse to drive my sweet chariot. [Painting by Nils Blommér, 1852.]

    Freyja and the Dwarves
    Watch and learn, ladies! This is how you get the necklace of your dreams. [Illustration by Louis Huard, published 1891.]

    Modern-Day Sculpture of Freyja
    I'm smokin' hot, if I do say so myself. [Sculpture by Gerhard Marcks, 1950.]

    Freyja Gets Her Necklace Back
    Hand it over and no one gets hurt. ["Heimdall returns the Bryfing necklace to Freyja," painting by Nils Blommér, 1846.]

    Freyja in the Woods
    Why yes, I do look quite regal here, thank you. [Illustration by Carl Emil Doepler, published 1812.]

    Freyja in Stockholm
    Here I am in Stockholm! What a beautiful city – you should see my view up here. [Sculpture by Rolf Aldersparre, 1880s. Photograph by Mats Halldin, 2007.]

    Freyja with Herons
    They're not as soft and fuzzy as my cats, but they're still beautiful. [Illustration by Sander J. Nystrøm, 1893.]

    Gold Freyja Amulet
    I HEART GOLD! Especially gold amulets of me! [Copy of a silver Viking amulet from Sweden. Photo by Wikipedia user Achird, 2010.]

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