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Gaia (Terra)

Gaia (Terra)

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Gaia (Terra) Photos

Gaia and her Children
I like my husband much better now that he's castrated. [Floor mosaic in Umbria, Italy, ca. 200 – 250 AD.]

Gaia and Eros
Eros is a lovely boy (and brother of sorts), but he does cause a lot of trouble. [Gaea by Anselm Feuerbach, 1875.]

Gaia, Mother Earth
Witness my beauty! [Earth, taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders.]

Gaia on a Krater
Check me out! You know you want to pour water from a vase decorated with my beautiful image. [Detail of Attic red-figure calyx-krater, 410-400 BC.]

Gaia on a Sarcophagus
I totally steal the scene here, don't you think? (I'm the one coming out of the ground, duh.) [Front side of a Roman sarcophagus, ca. 180 AD.]

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