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Medusa Photos

Mosaic of Medusa
See, I don't always look too monstrous. [Mosaic from the 2nd century or 3rd century A.D.]

Medusa Slain
And so I die. All anyone ever wants to hear about is how I died. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, 1888-1892.]

Perseus with Medusa's Head
Give my head back, Perseus! [Sculpture by Frederick William Pomeroy.]

Birth of Pegasus
My baby! [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, c. 1876-1885.]

The Head of Medusa
Woe is me! [Painting by an unidentified Flemish artist, c. 1600.]

Medusa Beheaded
If I look mad, well, you're darn right I was. [Painting by Caravaggio, 1595-1596.]

Sad Medusa
This one has me looking just sort of disappointed. [Painting by Arnold Böcklin, c. 1878.]

Sculpture of Medusa's Head
I'm honored to have been depicted by the famous Italian sculptor Bernini. [Sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1630.]

Medusa Fountain
Check out this awesome fountain of me in Berlin! [Photo by Manfred Brückels, c. 2008.]

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