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Jason Photos

Me and the Fleece
My moment of glory! [Jason with the Golden Fleece by William Beyer, 1773-1780]

Taming Bulls
Yeah, that's me going head to horns with some fire breathing bulls. No biggie. [Jason Taming the Bulls of Aeëtes by Jean François de Troy, 1742-43]

Medea Makes a Potion
My mamma always told me to never marry a witch, but did I listen? Nooooo... [Jason and Medea by John William Waterhouse, 1907]

Medea Killing Her Brother
Why didn't I take this as a sign? [The Golden Fleece by James Draper, 1904]

My Shining Moment
I brought back the Fleece, Pelias! You owed me a kingdom. [Jason bringing the Golden Fleece to Pelia, Side A from an Apulian red-figure calyx crater, 240-340 BCE]

Dragon Chariot
Of course her getaway car is a chariot drawn by dragons. [Miss Clairon in Medea by Charles André van Loo, 1760]

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