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Khepera (Khepri)

Khepera (Khepri)

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Khepera (Khepri) Photos

Good morning, Two Lands of Egypt!
Getting ready to roll Ra up. He's always redder in the morning. Guess he takes a while to wake up. [Modern image of Khepera as a scarab, rolling the sun disk. Probably copied from a New Kingdom original, provenance unknown.Artwork 2008 by Tedmek.]

I'm on a Boat
Chilling with Ra and the guys on the Solar boat, just before dawn.
[Line drawing of a tomb painting of Nun lifting up Ra's boat, ca. 19th-17th centuries BCE. Drawing reproduced from Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life by E. A. Wallis Budge, 1908.Scan 2009 by Tedmek.]

Ring Around the Sun
Egyptians loved putting my image on everything. I'm good luck! [Line drawing of the bottom of a scarab ring bezel, showing Khepera lifting Ra, ca. 1648-1539BCE. Original ring located in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Scan 2012 by Kaldari.]

Monkeying around with Thoth's Baboons
Thoth always sends his baboons to wish Ra and me a good morning. How cute. [Line drawing of a pectoral (necklace), showing Khepera on a boat being greeted by two baboons, ca. 1291-1070BCE. Original pectoral located in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Scan 2012 by Kaldari.]

The Gold Bug
They made the best jewelry for me. Too bad I'm too big to wear it. [Golden pectoral (necklace) of the high priest Pinudjem I, showing Khepera between two of the golden bee symbols of Upper Egypt, ca. 1070-1032BCE.] Photo 2007 by Neithsabes.

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