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Kronos (Saturn)

Kronos (Saturn)

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Ouranus Had It Coming
The day I won the award for worst son ever. Oops. [Cronos Castrates His Father Uranus by Giorgio Vasari and Cristofano Gherardi, 16th century]

My Kids Had It Coming, Too
The day I won the award for worst father ever. Oops again. [Saturn, Jupiter's Father, Devours One of His Sons, Neptune by Peter Paul Rubens, 1636-1638]

Get In My Belly
Mmm, babies. [Saturn by Ivan Akimov, 1802]

My Sickle
The weapon of champions. Just be careful how you use it. [Kronos armed with a sickle against his father, engraved in stone]

Father Time
People like me much better now that they think of me as Father Time. [Baby New Year and Father Time by Achille Lemot, 1902]

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