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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

Fear Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #10

Simon, walking in front of Ralph, felt a flicker of incredulity—a beast with claws that scratched, that sat on a mountain-top, that left no tracks and yet was not fast enough to catch Samneric. However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human, at once heroic and sick. (6.140)

Simon may not be a brain like Piggy, but he's a smart guy; he knows that the beast is unbelievable. But that doesn't mean he's not afraid. Like we said, he's a smart guy; he knows that this whole situation is heading downhill fast.

Quote #11

"Someone's got to go across the island and tell Piggy we'll be back after dark."

Bill spoke, unbelieving.

"Through the forest by himself? Now?"

"We can't spare more than one."

Simon pushed his way to Ralph's elbow."

"I'll go if you like. I don't mind, honestly." (7.124-129)

Simon is the only boy who doesn't seem to be afraid of the forest—probably because he knows he's safer alone than with the other boys. Smart choice.

Quote #12

In front of them, only three or four yards away, was a rock-like hump where no rock should be. Ralph could hear a tiny chattering noise coming from somewhere—perhaps his own mouth. He bound himself together with his will, fused his fear and loathing into a hatred, and stood up. He took two leaden steps forward. (7.246)

On the one hand, this is real courage: when you're afraid of something but do it anyway. On the other hand, notice how Ralph changing his "fear and loathing" into "hatred." Talk about dangerous emotions—hatred makes people do horrible things.

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