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Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Matthew Figures

Meet the Cast


Claim to fame: Son of God. Born of a virgin.Also known as: Emmanuel, Son of Man, the Messiah, King of the JewsLikes: Long walks in the desert, fishing, road trips, debate clubDislikes: Hypocrites....

Simon Peter

Claim to fame: Jesus's right-hand man.More than any of the other gospel writers, Matthew really digs Peter. We almost wonder if he drew little hearts around Peter's name while he was writing (note:...

Judas Iscariot

Claim to infamy: Betrays Jesus And alternate title for the New Testament could be Everyone Hates Judas. We know, he's a creep. He hands his friend, teacher, and messiah over to be arrested and exec...

The Other Disciples

Claim to fame: Jesus's band mates and traveling buddiesAside from Peter and Judas (boo, Judas!), there are lots of other guys hanging around Jesus and making it their mission in life to follow his...

The Jewish Religious Leaders

Claim to fame: Out to destroy JesusIf Jesus is Optimus Prime, these guys are the Decepticons. They're the big baddies in the story. And they aren't exactly fans of Jesus. In fact, one of their hobb...


Claim to fame: Adopted dad of Jesus. Stands by his woman while she's pregnant.Matthew's Gospel is Joseph's time to shine. Even though his story only runs through the first two chapters of the book,...


Claim to fame: Gives birth to Jesus and keeps her virginity, to bootThe lady is the mother of God. Literally. It's not every day that a woman can be a mother and a virgin (at least not at the same...

King Herod

Claim to fame: Tries to kill baby Jesus. Fails. (Huzzah!)Jealousy, thy name is Herod. This guy is so insecure, even the birth of a baby makes him freak out. To be fair, he is told by three pretty w...

Pontius Pilate

Claim to fame: Has the power to pardon Jesus. Like Herod, also fails.Even though Pilate is actually the one who sentences Jesus to die, he tends to get off pretty light in all the gospel accounts....
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