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Minotaur Gossip

Spotted... on Mount Olympus or Asgard. xoxo Gossip Shmoop

Both the Minotaur and his bull-daddy are associated with the constellation, Taurus.

Minotaur is the name of a series of Space Launch Vehicles. If Asterion had the power of one of these things then, yes, let's stay out of his way. (Source).

Looking to procrastinate? (We've all been there.) You can play the role of Theseus and fight the Minotaur in this free online video game.

The Minotaur is a villain in universe of Marvel comics—and just in the universe in general, we guess. (Source).

In the world of fantasy novels and role-playing games, minotaurs are actually their own race. Watch out, world.

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