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Nemesis (Invidia)

Nemesis (Invidia)

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Dark and Lovely
I may be severe, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be beautiful. [Nemesis by Alfred Rethel, 1837]

Fear Me...
But only if you deserve to. [Nemesis by Gheorghe Tattarescu, 1853]

My Bad Side
Not exactly the most flattering likeness of me, but I do love showing off my nifty gadgets. [Nemesis by Albrecht Dürer, 1502]

Miniature Me
Boy, I look good in marble. [Marble statue dedicated by Ptollanubis. Found in Egypt, 2nd century CE]

Echo and Narcissus
I felt so bad for Echo being ignored by that awfully vain Narcissus. He totally got what he deserved when I cursed him to stare at himself until he withered away. [Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse, 1903]

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