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Pan (Faunus)

Pan (Faunus)

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Oh, Syrinx...
You didn't have to turn into reeds. We could've been so happy. [Pan in the Reeds by Arnold Böcklin, 1858]

No Way!
This is not the way the thing with me and Syrinx went down. [Pan and Syrinx by Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1636]

Just Chillin'
I have a seriously awesome life. [Faun Whistling to a Blackbird by Arnold Böcklin, 1858]

One Cool Little Dude
Eros is my kind of god. [Amor and Pan by Francesco Mancini, 1723-1725]

Over the Moon
Selene may try to deny it, but we had something special. [Pan and Selene by Hans von Aachen, 1600-1605]

Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Yeah, sometimes I hang out with talking vermin. So what? [Illustration from Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows, ill. by Paul Bransom, 1913]

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