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Perseus Photos

Fresco of Perseus
Still looking good, after all these years. [Roman fresco at Villa San Marco, Stabiae, Italy. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Luiclemens, 2008.]

Perseus Fighting Cetus
Another day, another sea monster. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, 1888.]

Perseus and Andromeda
Back in the day, you had to slay a sea monster to get a wife. [Painting by Giorgio Vasari, 1570.]

Perseus Rescuing Andromeda
I'm coming for you, honey! [Ancient amphora, date unknown. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Montrealais.]

Perseus and Athena
Looking at Medusa with a mirror? Man, you really are smart, Athena! [Painting by Bernhard Rode, "Frederick the Great as Perseus," 1756.]

Birth of Pegasus
Is it weird to anybody else that Medusa had a winged horse inside of her? [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, c. 1876-1885.]

Perseus and the Head of Medusa
Here I am perfecting the art of naked Gorgon slaying. [Sculpture by Frederick William Pomeroy.]

Holding Medusa's Head
Take that, Medusa. [Sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini.]

Atlas Turned to Stone
Bummer for you, Atlas. [Artwork by Edward Burne-Jones, 1882.]

Perseus the Constellation
Check out the constellation named for me! [Photo by Wikimedia Commons user AndreKo, 2011.]

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