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Ptah Photos

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair
A giant statue of Ramses II that used to stand in front of my temple in Memphis. It's so big that they built the museum around it, instead of trying to move it. Statues like this inspired Shelley to write the poem "Ozymandias." [Ramses II colossus (ca. 1200 BCE). Memphis Open-Air Museum, Egypt. Photo by Barryib, 1999.]

Got Milk?
I love it when Ramses brings me nu-jars full of chocolate milk. Best offering ever. It gets hot in the temple! [Temple of Ramses III (Medinet Habu), West Bank, Luxor, Egypt, ca. 1160BCE.]

Talk About Losing My Head…
This is a beautiful statue of me in the small temple at Medinet Habu. But somebody took my head! Unfair. [Temple of Ramses III (Medinet Habu), West Bank, Luxor, Egypt, ca. 1160BCE]

Chillin' With Nakht-em-mut
Hanging out with my Setem priest, Nakht-em-Mut. That panther-skin cape looks nice. [Votive stela of Nakht-em-Mut, Deir el Medina temple of Ptah, West Bank, Luxor, Egypt, ca. 1150BCE]

Fun With Mirrors
Me and Amunhotep III, standing next to a mirror. [Temple relief fragment currently located in the garden of the Cairo Egyptian Museum, ca. 1300BCE]

Check Out My Beard!
A great image of me from a temple built by the friend of a Libyan pharaoh named Sheshonk. I love how my beard came out. Those Libyan guys really liked their beards, so they gave me a bigger one than I usually get. [Relief of High Priest Shedsunefertem, Dynasty 22 (reign of Sheshonk I, ca. 930 BCE)]

This temple is dedicated to me, my wife Sekhmet, and my son Nefertem. Robbers wrecked it and took my head from my statue inside, but now some local Egyptians guard the temple. [Temple of Ptah, Karnak enclosure. Temple built by Shabaka, Dynasty 25 (ca. 700BCE)]

Ramses II Comes to Visit
Check out the statue they made to remember the time Ramses II came to visit Sekhmet and me. [Colossal statue of Ramses II, Dynasty 19 (ca. 1250 BCE)]

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