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Sons of Horus

Sons of Horus

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Sons of Horus Photos

Apply Directly to Coffin
This lady didn't have a lot of money, so we offered to sit on her coffin and keep her safe if she just had us painted there. [Coffin showing the Four Sons of Horus with ostrich-feather fans. Ptolemaic period (ca. 332-30BCE). Photo 2008 by Giovanni Dall'Orto.]

You shall not pass! Not without bringing us goodies.
This is our day at work, waiting for Nesikhonsu to get through her judgment so we can introduce her to Grandpa Osiris. At least our lotus is comfortable to sit on. It's kinda like a giant beanbag. [Section of the Book of the Dead of Nesikhonsu (Dynasty 21, ca. 980BCE). Currently located in the British Museum]

Grandparents Day
Ani came to visit us while we were hanging out with Osiris and Isis and Great Aunt Nephthys. He brought a lot of food, so we were happy to let him into the throne room. [Section of the Book of the Dead of Ani (Dynasty 19, ca. 1300BCE)]

You shall pass!
Hunefer got through his judgment (sorry, Ammit), and Dad brought him over to meet Osiris. We got to be there for the moment of truth. Good job, Hunefer! [Section of the Book of the Dead of Hunefer (Dynasty 19, ca. 1300BCE)]

Family Reunion
That's us, wayyyy in the back (left side) of the room. At the far right, near the front door, Thoth's bringing some lady named Amunhotepet-daughter-of-Ipwer to meet us all. It was a great day. [Book of the Dead fragment (Ptolemaic Period, ca. 300BCE)]

Getting presents from a rock star
Meresamun was a singer at Amun's temple. When she died, she brought us food and a big flower from her funeral. Of course King Osiris got some too, but that was pretty cool! We made her sing for us, too. [Coffin panel of Meresamun (Dynasty 25, ca. 715-656BCE)]

School picture
Just us, getting ready for a new year of school. Imsety and Duamutef are in the back, and Qebhsenuef and Hapy in the front. [Canopic jars, probably New Kingdom]

Even Dad couldn't tell us apart
Inside the Serapeum, where they buried the Apis bulls, they used jars with the same, human-faced lids. Imsety really let it go to his head… [Canopic jars, Probably Middle Kingdom Period (ca. 2055-1650BCE)]

Imsety after coffee
He totally needs to lay off the caffeine that early in the morning. [Head of Imsety from a canopic jar, provenance and date unknown]

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