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Anesthesiologists probably won't find it hard to pay the bills or keep food on the table with the salaries they pull down. It usually ranges from the low $100,000s to the high $300,000s, although some can make much, much more.

The median starting salary is around $225,000. Raking in the bucks as an anesthesiologist depends on what subspecialty you end up in. If you're in general practice anesthesiology, you'll make around $200,000 minimum to around $450,000 max.

But, let's say you're a pain management guru—you can start out at around $350,000 and work your way up to close to $1 million. Annually. Think how fast you can pay off student loans and make that first down-payment on a house and a boat.

You didn't go into medicine for the money, but it sure helps.

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