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Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus

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Mom and Dad
Sure Mom was a Vestal Virgin, but Mars didn't let that get in his way. [Mars et Rhea Silvia by Peter Paul Rubens, 1616-1617]

Wolf Milk
Don't knock it till you've tried it. [The Capitoline she-wolf with the boys Romulus and Remus, 13th century CE with figures of Romulus and Remus added in the 15th century]

Simpler Times
Maybe life was better when we were babes in the wild. [Romulus and Remus by Peter Paul Rubens, 1615-1616]

Fastulus is Awesome
Man, what would all us abandoned babies have done back in the day without all the baby-adopting shepherds that were all over the place? [The Shepherd Faustulus Bringing Romulus and Remus to his Wife by Nicolas Mignard, 1654]

Kidnapping the Sabine Women
Hey, it's not like there was Match.com back in the day. [The Abduction of the Sabine Women by Nicolas Poussin, 1633-1634]

Sabine Women Save the Day
See, the Sabine women totally came around and got their people to join us instead of kill us. [The Intervention of the Sabine Women by Jaques-Louis David, 1799]

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